Make a Reservation

Flexible Childcare For Children 6wks to 3 years.

Please make a reservation for any child under 3 years of age to ensure proper staffing.

answers to FAQ’s:

Check-in at time of drop-off
You will sign in, and we will take baby gear and your baby into our modern nursery where they will be cared for during the day. When you pick up we will grab all your items and bring them out to you! Each child under 3 gets a daily report card so that you can see how they were cared for. 

Our staff will follow the same routine you do at home with your infant’s feeding, sleeping and diapering preferences. We do not allow cloth diapers, but we do allow G Diapers! We provide diapers and wipes for an additional fee in case you forget to pack some for your child.

When you drop off, you will need to provide pre-made bottles, or pre-measured formula. Breast milk is perfectly fine in the single use bags with empty bottles. We will prepare and warm them if this is how your baby likes it.  You are also welcome to come to the facility to nurse baby.

We provide clean linens, however, we ask you bring the baby's favorite blanket and toy!

In case of an emergency we will call 911 first, then call you right away. In case of fire we will exit safely and be located in a neighboring business, please ask your location which business they use. You will be notified immediately! 

Parent calls to check on baby
You may call and check in at anytime.

Cancellation policy
Once the reservation is made you must give us a 24 hours notice of cancellation. If not, we will sadly need to charge you $15. This is because if have to have extra staff for children under 3.

Child Care for children Under 3 years

This might be your first time leaving your new baby with someone other than family. We understand how you feel, and we aim to make your transition as easy as possible.  

We do our best to keep your baby’s routine consistent and take pride in providing a safe, caring and calm environment for them.  Our separate area for Infants is staffed with highly trained professionals who will take the best care of your child.


Reservations For Babies 23 mo & under

We want to make sure we are properly staffed to care for your baby. We require 24 hours notice for toddlers and babies under 24 months. If you find yourself in a bind, call, we may be able to fit you in on short notice. 

Our ratio is 1-4 for infants. This small ratio ensures that your baby receives special attention throughout their stay.  Our infant teachers have years of experience working with this age group, so you can drop and go with confidence!

Babies love to play too! We have tummy time, sensory time, crafts and provide them with tons of loving attention.


Toddlers (24 months-3 years)

Because Toddlers are in constant motion we have designed a safe space just for them.  The Toddler room allows your child to explore their new environment and interact with toys, books and activities that stimulate their mind and help develop their motor skills.  This child care space is exclusively for children 19 months to 3 year of age and holds a teacher ratio of 1-5.