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WeVillage Afterschool Childcare

Our afterschool program is fun and educational

Afterschool child care Portland Oregon

Portland Afterschool Programs in the Pearl and NE Portland

WeVillage is the place for Back To School! We'll watch the kids from 2:30 – 6:00pm every school day. A healthy snack and activity time is included.

From 3:30pm to 4:30pm every school day it’s homework club: a WeVillage tutor will make sure every bit of homework is done.

Since WeVillage is open until 9:30pm on weekdays you always have the option of a later pick-up (normal drop-in rates apply).

Orenco Station | Hillsboro Afterschool Program

Orenco Station WeVillage offers afterschool care from 2:30pm-6:00pm each day. They offer homework help, snacks, and play time. 

Happy Valley Afterschool Program

Since most schools in Happy Valley drop off to WeVillage’s own bus stop this afterschool program is sure to rock!

The program runs from 2:30pm to 6:00pm each day, includes homework help, snacks, and playtime. 

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WeVillage Bus Stops

Chapman parents: we’ll even pick up your child at our very own WeVillage bus stop! That’s right, the school district has given WeVillage our own bus stop.

Orenco Station:
Quatama Elementary kids, we can pick you up from the bus stop on the corner of NE Carillion Drive and Orenco Station Parkway (500 feet from our front door).  

Orenco & Jackson parents, if you need afterschool care, firstly discuss with your school to arrange for your child to be added to a school bus drop off near our location and we can collect the kids from the bus stop!

Happy Valley:
We have our own bus stop right on the corner of 157th and Sunnyside and have just about every school in the area will drop off at this location. Please talk to your school to see if you’re on the list. 

NE Portland:
Irvington school is already signed up to drop off at the NE location, and Buckman drops off at 19th and Clackamas where a WeVillage staff member will be waiting.

Alameda & Laurelhurst parents, if you would like your school to please contact the PPS transportation office and let them know that you’d like your child dropped off here. 

Per day:  $35
5 days a week: $450 per month
3 days a week: $335 per month