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Urban Summer Camps, Woohoo!

Urban Summer Camps for 5-12yrs

WeVillage's summer camps are all about exploring the cities we live in! Our Urban Camps get kids ages 5-12 out of the centers on to BIG adventures! The "big kids" will follow the same weekly themes as the younger kids but will have more adventures outside of the center. Examples of this would be going to the Oregon Zoo, to the Children's Museum, and to other local businesses to see how things are created.

You are welcome to come for the entire summer or just one day. Member rates start at $73.50 for the day and $250 for the week. You don't have to be a WeVillage member to join in the fun! Non-member day rates start at $84 a day or $285 for the week.

Special weekly outings are at an additional charge, this way you can choose if you'd like your child to either stay in the center or go on the field trip.

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Urban Summer Camps themes for kids 3-5

For the younger kids, WeVillage will have a weekly theme with matching activities and daily park trips.

Week 1: June 13 - 17 Dinosaurs
If you can't get enough of all things prehistoric, this is the camp for you. Digging for dinosaur bones, creating fossils, and lots of fun archaeology project are included in Dinosaur camp.

Week 2: June 20 - 24 Fun in the Sun
Make sure to bring your sunscreen and shorts this week as we'll be out playing in the water every chance we get! This week will also include field games, sidewalk art, and picnics. 

Week 3: June 27 - July 1 Wild Animals Roar
This week will be a roaring good time! We'll take a look at animals big and small, from fluffy mammals to scaly reptiles. Which animals like to be loud, while others prefer the quiet? Why are some animals awake at night, when that's when we want to sleep? We may have special "guest" appearances.

Urban Summer Camps themes for kids 3-5 Cont.

Week 4: July 5 - 8 Creative Campers (closed on the 4th!)
Coming off of a long weekend this camp will get kids engaged in all things creating. We will work on creating projects out of "junk," and bring out our inner Picasso on canvas. 

Week 5: July 11 - 15 Getting Back To Nature
Come explore nature in the city! Nature camp will include lots of trips to the parks, discovering bugs and plants, and just letting children learn through exploration!

Week 6: July 18 - 22 Little Scientists
Little Scientist camp will offer a fun collection of projects and experiments that your little scientist will be fascinated with! All of the experiments are hands-on and give a great foundation to scientific ideas that play a role in everyday life. 

Week 7: July 25 - 29 Discover Oregon
Taking it back, way back! Campers will learn about the Oregon Trail, pioneers and everything else that makes Oregon great! We'll learn to make butter from cream, make rag dolls, and play all the other "original" children's games!

Week 8: August 1 - 5 Mystery Week
This week will be full of mystery and intrigue. Each child will become a detective and uncover clues surrounding their cities. We will uncover hidden caches and learn to read clues!

Week 9: Aug 8 - 12 Let’s Build
Kids love to build and WeVillage is the perfect place to do it. Building with everything from blocks and LEGOs to pipes and fittings. Their little hands and minds will be busy! 

Week 10: Aug 15 - 19 Space Explorers
Space...the final frontier... WeVillage will be turning into a starship and exploring outer space.

Week 11: Aug 22 - 26 Summer Olympics
To finish the summer off we will go out with some good ol' summertime competition (don't worry, everyone is a winner!). From gunny sack races to water drills, each WeKid will be put to the test!

Kids Spring Break Camp | March 21st-25th 2016

Each day of spring break camp is themed with what is happening in the season. We might plant flowers, or learn about nature. It’s always fun and active. We even try to get outside to the park, weather permitting. 

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Winter Camps

Winter camps at WeVillage are over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Each camp runs from 8-5pm Mon-Fri. They always have a fun holiday theme and crafts to go with it. We are closed Christmas day, the day after Christmas and New Year's Day.