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1901 NE Broadway St • Portland

WeVillage Childcare Happy Valley

No Reservation Required For Kids Over 3!

When you drop your child off at one of our four locations they will be surrounded by fun and active things to do. From our play structures to our activity tables our facilities are designed to keep them busy.  We also offer the space on Sunday’s for birthday parties, come celebrate with us!

Preschool in NE Portland

Preschool in NE Portland is sure to be a hit. We have a great curriculum planned and are currently accepting new preschoolers. 

If you have any questions about preschool at WeVillage in NE Portland please fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP. For more information on the program you can also visit the preschool page. 

Completely separated Infant and Toddler room

Our new NE Portland location was built with babies and toddlers in mind. We love caring for babies and realize that sometimes they just need their own space.  

WeVillage NE Portland offers two whole rooms devoted to age appropriate play and quiet time. 

Programs for kids Under 3Hours

Afterschool Care & Homework Help

WeVillage in NE Portland will offer afterschool care for school aged kids up to 12 years of age. They are bused directly from their school to an awaiting WeVillage caregiver. Our after school program includes homework help, snacks, and playtime.  

Irvington school drops off at WeVillage and Buckman drops off at 19th and Clackamas where a WeVillage staff member will be waiting.

No School days. We have you covered.

Not all “no school days” in are a holiday and can often be inconvenient for working parents. WeVillage is open on nearly all no school days for the Portland Public School District. We open at the NE Portland  location at 6:30am so that you are still able to make it to work on time. 

Holiday break camps

We offer winter break camps, spring break camps, and summer break camps. Our camps get your children moving with lots of indoor play and a daily park trip (depending on weather). Each camp is themed and educational. 

NE Portland Preschool

Happy Valley Preschool

Not the average preschool

Our preschool curriculum at the NE Portland WeVillage is focused on play based learning.

Our preschoolers learn by doing hands on activities and games filled with motion and interaction. Your child is welcome to start attending as young as 3, and we don't require them to be potty trained. Space is very limited as we keep our classrooms small. Fall classes start August 31st, Enroll NOW!

looking for Full Time preschool?

WeVillage in NE Portland offers preschool Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 1:00. 

You are always welcome to have a free preschool day to try us out. Please just call to reserve a space. 

Preschool Info